How to download add ons

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How to download add ons

Post  Syllk on Tue Feb 26, 2008 10:07 pm

OK, for those who dont know how to download add ons here is a guide:

First of all you will need:

i) Ventrilo, this is downloaded from it is a self extracting exe file, should have no problems installing it,just click the .exe file and it will self install

ii) Winrar, try a search for 'winrar' in your web browser (google or whatever you use) and you should find the site, again this is a self extracting file and can be installed just by clicking the .exe file

iii) Omen threat meter, this is downloaded from

iv) Deadly Boss Mobs, this is downloaded from

v) Atlas Loot, this is downloaded from

When you have downloaded iii), iv), v) click on the zip file (the file should have a .zip file extension and the icon should look like a stack of books) if you have a program like winrar then you click 'extract' when the winrar program loads up. You need to click 'extract to' and put the files into the add ons folder of your World of Warcraft folder. Scroll down on the destination path til you find this path.... C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Add Ons or manually type it in. It should extract automatically when you click OK. Repeat for the other addons. Then log on your wow account, when you choose your char there is a button in the bottom left corner named 'Add Ons', click this and is brings up a list of all the add ons you have loaded up. Click the tick button to enable the mods (some are automatically clicked but check this before exiting)

There are some bad add ons out there but these are 100% safe and should help you out, and remember to have anti virus protection loaded up so no-one can hack your account (it can happen and has happened to me before)

Other non-essential mods/add ons I use are:

Quartz - Swing timer and timers for things like hemo, stuns and saps, demo shout, thunderclap etc
Titan Bars - A UI interface that has useful things like, durability, money, experience, item bonus stats
Bunnys Quest Level - Put a [70] quest level before your quests so you can see what level you should be before doing quests
Double Wide - This expands the quest log and shows most if not all the quests you can do (instead of just 5) and opens up another log with the quest details next to it, so you can see both the quest and the details on the same screen

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