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Post  Slawter on Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:41 pm

I have found an INCREDIBLE site for if you have bad gear or are leveling up... its not a website its a forum in warlock's den (which is also a very good source)

It lists GREAT leveling up gear and focus's on Spell Damage, which i agree is the way forward compared to intellect and stamina. I believe Stamina is for PvP and that we don't need too much mana with Intellect anyway as we have such good mana keeping abilities and are generally never out of mana. This will help put you right at the top of the DPS list i think. I compared this with sum1 who raids Black Temple and has 2 pieces of T6 and the result was about 200 less spell damage, so not so bad (that is referring to the 'how to get +1000 unbuffed speel damage without entering a raid" section.

Here is the link

I have bookmarked this and take a look at it regularly. I also take regular looks at the whole site as it has a lot of helpful information.

Have fun Razz

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