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Post  Obscenity on Thu Mar 06, 2008 10:40 am

hello Revelation , my name is Andreas and I'm from a small town in Sweden called Mariestad . I'm now searching for a pro raiding guild and like I bet more then just me thinks that Revelation is one of them . The reason im app to this guild is it is a mature guild, with all the leadership structures and organisation already in place.Wich I know is a good thing to have in a guild . I was just in a guild called Angels And Demons just joined that guild cause I'm having mates in it (old realm) , tho I didn't have so much time to raid with them so I just joind as friend spot but now I'm back again at 100% and want to give it a try . so now i'm searching for that guild that allready has the Organisation that is needed .

Personal information :
Name : Andreas Henricsson
Age : 24
Country : Sweden
Time Zone : GMT 1+ H
Gender : male
IT connection : 24mbit DSL cable (Telia) havent experianced any problems whid DC:s etc.

Abble raid times :
all days per week atleast 5hours even more !

Character Information :

Name : Obscenity
Class : Mage
Race : Undead
Sex : Male
Proffesion 1: Enchanter : 375
Proffesion 2: Spellfiretailor : 375
Total time played : 126days 17h 33min .
Allakhazam Profile : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Talnivarr&n=Obscenity
Previous guilds : Crit Happends , Angels And Demons , Excellence (Dragonmaw realm)
Willing to respecc if guild ask for it : yeah i would respecc if i got asked for it tho i guess my current tallent should help out alot as it's but ye respecc is np
Reputaion / Attuments :

Thrallmar : Exalted
Lower City : Reverded
Sha'Tar : Reverded
Cenarion Excpedition : Reverded

Aldor / Scryer : scryer exalted
Everything information :

Prev raiding experiance : hmm ye , my old raiding experiances is really good befor "tbc" i managed to bee from MC - Naxxramas , I have really easy to learn and listen on people from additional information that could be good to know etc in the upcoming instances .
Why Revelation ? : the reasons of picking Revelution is that i have heard alot of nice things about the guild (positive) also i know you got a working policy when it's about raiding and always keep it up . you got a strong and organised leadership and experiance more and more of the new tbc instances .
Do you know any player in Intuiton : Know and know ? well I have heard some names and talked with some ye
Is your English good enough to understand (listen) and/or participate (talk) in English discussions/tactics on Ventrilo : yes my english is what i atleast see is really good for my age ^^ . im not afraid of taking things up and can talk oppend and write whit understandable english .

Have you read and understood the Guild, Raid and DKP Rules : if their is any yes
Do you agree to abide by them : I'm fully aggred about the terms of guild .
Any other good information that can be good to know : ye could be good to know that im a nice guy in my opinion and always willing to help guild members out whid problems etc , I will also use my Tailoring and Enchanting as much as I can to help guildies out , I'm also a really activ player now days that farm materials etc for every inprove ingame that i ofc will give away to the once in the guild who needs them . Im also using and developing a own (many) addon that is a really good helper to improve preformaces in instances and whit other ingame stuff . im also willing to share out the files etc for people who likes to try addons out and really hate blizzard ui Smile, the addon is developed by me and a good friend and is more used for "spell casters" , aswell I have been all from nowdays kara-tempest keep

I hope you will look anc consider this application wisley . I guess i got alot to give the guild and i bet you have alot to give me in many ways .

glad to hear from you soon / Obscenity


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Post  spokett on Thu Mar 06, 2008 3:32 pm

A very good writen apply i must say Very Happy hehe it was long but not boring Smile. If u ask me, i say ofc u can join, always fun to have skilled people into the guild, and the fact that you are 24 years old doesnt make it less good either Smile. Hehe that "made my own interface with some friends of main" imprest also, that tells me that u have a very good computer experience also Smile.

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