Karazhan 14th March

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Karazhan 14th March

Post  Syllk on Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:13 am

Did 5/11 bosses, and had some help from a few puggers. First few bosses were easy to down but got unstuck after Opera when the pug druid Wowslayer dc'd and didnt come back. (He had no threat meter so we did lay into him quite justifiably in my eyes) We got the services of Djungelola for Curator and Nebulaclaw logged on his friends account and brought Riles to aid the dps. Nebulaclaw had net problems during and after the Curator fight and he logged to sort it out and couldn't log back in. We took Spellcaster to fill the dps and cleared the trash to Shade. Shade did his survivability act again and we didn't down him in about 6 or 7 tries as some silly mistakes cost us wipes on him. People (Healers especially) standing IN the Blizzard or random people moving when the Flame Wreath comes up didn't help tbh and we ended the raid before the respawns came back.

Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation --> Wowslayer (pug druid)
Bracers of the White Stag --> Wowslayer (pug druid)

Signet of Unshakable Faith --> Ramsiboy
Nethershard Girdle --> Ramsiboy

Boots of Foretelling --> Wowslayer (pug druid)
Gloves of Quickening --> D/E (given to Spokett)

Random trash drop
Boots of Illusion --> Bubblzor (pug paladin)

Opera (Big Bad Wolf)
Red Riding Hood --> Bubblzor (pug paladin)
Beastmaw Pauldrons --> Tampe

Wrynn Dynasty Greaves --> Djungelola
Gloves of the Fallen Champion (T4) --> Bubblzor

In attendance:
Nebulaclaw (left after Curator due to net problems)
Djungelola (from Opera onwards)
Riles (from Opera onwards)
Spellcaster (from Curator onwards)

Wowslayer (pug feral druid) (left after Opera due to being an idiot and not having a threat meter while tanking!)
Bubblzor (pug holy paladin)
Xunion (pug holy priest)

Damage meters:
1 Tampe 2288733 (72.3%) (498.8 dps) 5/11
2 Syllk 2244421 (70.9%) (437.1 dps) 5/11
3 Seritha 2234555 (70.6%) (502.4 dps) 5/11
4 Spokett 1902650 (60.1%) (469.2 dps) 5/11
5 Lilithdemon 1750243 (55.3%) (481.2 dps) 5/11
6 Djungelola 785599 (24.8%) (295.7 dps) 1/11
7 Spellcaster 452990 (14.3%) (405.3 dps) 0/11

Healing meters:
Not taken any data as everyone left before I could post it to note it down. (Recount takes the info away if you leave the raid)



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