this is a funnie little thing :)

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this is a funnie little thing :)

Post  lilithdemon on Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:18 pm

You know you're addicted to WoW when...

1. ask a chef, "What's the dps of your knife?"

2. think you can use one of the coals from your fireplace as a hearthstone.

3. go to a graveyard or cemetery and wonder, "Where the **** is the Spirit Healer?"

4. go to a graveyard or cemetery and wonder, "Why the hell doesn't anyone just res?"

5. go to a daycare center and wonder, "What's with all the gnomes?"

6. try to tame a bear or any other wild animal and expect it to obey you as soon as you try.

7. shoot someone or something and not expect it to die or get injured badly in one shot.

8. try to sell your computer saying, "Selling computer, 250g."

9. get injured and think you can heal simply by eating something.

10. think you can make something by using the position you would use
if you were trying to unlock something.

11. see a crocodile and say, "0mgz0rz cr0c0l1sk!11one!"

12. go to a jungle and think you're in Stranglethorn Vale

13. see an eagle and try to ride on it.

14. see a bat and you try to ride on it.

15. see a lion and try to ride on it.

16. see a deer or raven and try to ride on it.

17. win an object such as a painting at an auction and hope to find it in your mailbox.

18. see a fat or muscular midget and think he/she is a Dwarf.

19. look at a hedgehog and thing it looks like a mini Razorfen.

20. try to sell some rocks or other useless items to a store.

21. go to a farm and you're like, "Wait a second, am I in Westfall?"

22.'re in the middle of the desert and say, "Am I in the Badlands?" and afterwards say, "Why isn't this place littered with coyotes?"

23. go to a random person and hug them, thinking you just did an emote.

24.'re in the mountains, a mountain lion attacks you, and you try fighting it like you would in World of Warcraft.

25. think you never have to use the bathroom.

26. think of "Defias" when you hear the word "gang"

27. tell your mom/dad/friends you got ganked when you get beat up by bullies/gangsters.

28. think you can make weapons/armor just by carrying a backpack full of metal bars and just hammering an anvil pointlessly.

29. think all you do is just go through the pages of a book and actually learn difficult skills/lessons.

30. think someone healed you when light shines on you.

31. always kneel or sit ciss-crossed when you eat or drink.

32. think by drinking fruit punch in the middle of a fight with someone/something will heal you.

33. see someone walk by you and wonder what level they are.

34. think you can't kill kids.

35. walk into a mall/shopping center and hope the security guards don't attack you.

36. think you might still be able to fight a burglar armed with a gun even though he shot you.

37. go to a shooting range and wonder, "Why isn't my skill in guns increasing?"

38. go on a cruise and think you'll get to your destination in thirty seconds.

39. think all males/females around you are hot.

40. think you can get a sex change to play as a character the opposite gender .
now u all make some Razz yes i am bored installing this shit lolz

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Re: this is a funnie little thing :)

Post  spokett on Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:07 pm

hahaha Very Happy that was some funy reading lol Very Happy

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