Unparalleled, 70 Tauren Druid. ACCEPTED (LOL)

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Unparalleled, 70 Tauren Druid. ACCEPTED (LOL)

Post  Unparalleled on Sat Apr 05, 2008 6:48 pm

Name: Mikey.
Age: 16
Sex: Not a clue! :S
Country: N.Ireland.

Characters Name: Unparalleled.
Class: Druid.
Race: Tauren.
Played time: 45 day played time.
Are you the original owner of this account?: Umm..Can't remember that far back, but i think so. Wink]

Previous guilds: The Fallen, Exodus, Bottle or Tree.
Reasons for leaving: Exodus disbanded, and i left Bottle or Tree to join Revelation, as they needed me more than Bottle or Tree.

Can you use Ventrilo? Yup, always have been able to. Smile
Do you have a microphone? Yup, hear me speak! Razz

Exp before TBC: AQ20, some MC, ZG.
TBC Exp: Kara, Gruul.
General Raid Exp: Quite good...I think. :S
Heroic Keys?: Pretty sure that i have all of the heroic keys.
What do you expect from this guild?: I expect to make some good friends in the guild. Also want to raid, but it isn't my main priority. I know most of the people in the guild as alot of them were in Exodus. Also i would like to be able to contribute to anything i can, and anything necessary for the guild. I expect to have some fun times, and do some pointless, stupid activities that no one would ever really think of, and they had better be fun!! Smile

other information you wanna give) and plz, link your armory profile 2!


I am a friendy person, from Ireland so apparently got a sexy ass accent! Wink I know my class well, was feral from level 10 up to level 70, and for a long time after 70, aswell. Respecced Resto to help out the guild and really started to like it. I think I am at least a moderate player, although some like to think I am imba. Mostly lies, people die when I heal them, sometimes. :O *Shocked* If you let me join I will give you some cookies. Smile Willing to respec for the guild and won't even whine about it! Smile Ok, i'm done. Thanks for letting me join and stuff, GL & HF. Smile

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