Tanking Basics

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Tanking Basics

Post  birchman on Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:02 pm

This post is really for the lazy people who couldn't be bothered to go look at the huge post pete linked.


There's alot of options to take with tanking specs such as Deflection and improved thunderclap in arms, cruelty and improved demoralising shout in fury and all out defence. This is my spec:


I like it because of the flexibility it gives of debuffing the targets (improved thunderclap), threat generation (cruelty and anger management) and lots left over to get the essentials in the prot tree. In 25 man raids there will usually be atleast one fury warrior who has specced improved demoralizing shout so if ur getting past kara then it's probably not needed for the tank to spec it.
There are of course times when i will need to change my spec for the less spell damage taken in SSC but im currently not geared for that so what the hell.


As this is a pve guild and atm we're on karazhan then the gear ur going to need is ATLEAST 12k hp, 12k armor, and 490 def. It's always better to have more stamina and armor but if u overcap ir defence rating it does give u more parry,block and dodge but its more important to just get the 490 def and then get as much stamina as possible.

To get the gear you need it's a good investment to get the felsteel set from a blacksmith as it has very good stats for atleast heroics and u can then work on the "of the bold" heroic set although i never had any of this. There's some good blue belts and wrists from shattrath quests with +def rating aswell as a good pair of boots with +stam socket bonus. Im currently tanking gruul, kara and ZA with the chestpiece from normal mechanar as the epic from karazhan hasn't dropped but it shows how early u can get very good tanking gear.

Multi Tanking

Possibly the most challenging aspect u will have to learn as a tank. I pretty much practiced this doing heroics with this guild, the biggest problem with multi tanking ,for me, is not breaking CC which the simple answer is either dont use thunderclap or move the mobs. Moving the mobs is almost always the better option as it's easier to target mobs (and u can use your thunderclap which u may have used a few talent points in).

A good tactic i've found for range pulling is to pull the second kill mob and then go onto the first kill with 3 devastates then hit the others mobs with a shield slam or another high threat ability just to keep them onto you.

Well i hope this has been atleast somewhat helpful to you but i'd be surprised if anyone reads this especially with the lack of warior tanks we have. Any questions then please /w me or send a message via the forum.

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Re: Tanking Basics

Post  Syllk on Tue Apr 08, 2008 2:08 am

nice post birch, concise and straight to the point

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