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Mikey's Druid Info

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Ok, i think i'm gonna go for a druid post here. Ok, here goes.


Feral specs should include everything that you would think a feral druid would need, and you will need to be specced well for DPS and Tanking. This means feral charge (Have seen a few druids without this, stupid.) Feral Swiftness (Dodge rating FTW), Feral Instict (More Aggro FTW), Faerie Fire, for pulling, and in my opinion, Feral Aggression, for improved demoralizing roar. Here is one of the specs that i use.
Feral Spec

For resto druids in the guild, i think it is pretty simple to spec. In my opinion, what you need to spec is for Improved Mark of the Wild, improved Rejuvination and regrowth and if you use it much, then Improved Healing Touch aswell. As well as this, spec for lower threat. As this is a PvE guild i would expect the resto druids to be specced tree of life with a decent amount of spirit.This is the spec that i use. (You can veriate it as much as you want, although its what i feel a PvE druid spec should be for a TreeDruid.)
Resto Spec

This is a spec i don't really know much about, but i would say that it isn't that hard to spec. I say any Balance druids should just spec for lower cast times, and more spell damage. Also there are alot of spell crit specs so as long as you know how to control your aggro its safe to spec them also. I havn't ever specced Balance before, but this is my shot at a Balance spec.
Balance Spec


Some macros that i personally find pretty handy are macros to tell the group/raid when you are casting one of your cooldowns, such as Innervate and Rebirth. Some of you may have noticed me using these before, i personally feel they are very useful.

/cast innervate
/party Innervate %t
/raid Innervate %t

/cast rebirth
/party Rebirth %t
/raid Rebirth %t

This is simply all you need to put into a macro to be able to announce which spell you are casting. I am gonna nick a stunt of Anni and put in some phrases you could use for these. Yell them to the world!
HAHA! You're all out of mana! Have an Innervate!
I Give You Life!! (Rebirth)
You want Innervate? Give me 100g! (Innervate)
Awww, poor Trampy is on his back again. (Rebirth)

Just a few from the top of my head, not great ones, but you get the idea. Feel free to make your own that are better than mine! Smile


Feral Gear.

Feral druids are a little hard to gear for tanking. For DPS, they are easy to gear, all you need to do is ninja from the rogues! Although it's pretty hard to gear for tanking, there are a couple of quest chains in Shadowmoon Vally with some quite nice tanking items. Also a few nice items from normal instances/Heroics.

Tanking Gloves, Shadowmoon quest chain.
Tanking Belt, Another Shadowmoon quest chain.
Tanking Bracers, More Shadowmoon quest chains.

Most other gear can be geared through heroics/leatherworkers. Clefthoof set for the win, so all druids should have it, unless you have better.

Resto Gear.

Resto druids in the guild should be geared for spirit and int, in my opinion. If druids are going tree of life, Spirit is a hell of alot of a help. 25% of all your spirit is transfered into +healing. Thats a QUARTER of all your spirit. Spirit also gives you alot of Mp/5. By the time you are geared and moving on from kara, you should have 500+Mp/5 and 430+ Spirit, in my opinion. The gear is pretty easy to get, just get priest gear, and leather healing gear. A few quests here and there, and instances/heroics. Easily the best way to gear as resto.

Balance Gear.

Balance, aswell, is pretty easy to gear up. Just go mass int/spell damage and crit, and you're set. Instances, quests, heroics, and leatherworks can all get you some very nice balance gear. Personally, all of my balance gear is cloth at the minuite. Ninja the mage gear in kara and such, if no one else needs. But even as resto i have a good 600-700+ spell damage. Use this site to look up the different places you can get your gear from. Don't forget about the +Spell hit rating! It's nifty for acctually hitting mobs!

Gearing site. Includes quests, instances and i think craftable items, also.

Random Druid Facts

Did you know that druids can DECURSE!? Yes we can. But, we can't do this in Tree of Life form. So, if you are in Tree of Life form, its quite a big loss of mana.

Remove/Abolish posion cost the same amount of mana, so it's better just to use abolish posion rather than remove.

Seeds for Rebirth and Gift of the Wild don't cost alot of money, maybe 2-5g for 40! Stack up on them, they cost less than a dailie quest, and they will last you for usually at least a week!

HoT's are useless if your tank is getting hit for 90% hp each hit!

Never think that you can take any other class just because we can multi-task!

To be honest thats all i can think of at the minuite, so when i get bored, i might be back again. It's all good. Peace out my Tree Hugging hippy Druids loves! Smile

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