I got First Post! Ha, Martin. :P

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I got First Post! Ha, Martin. :P

Post  Unparalleled on Thu Jan 10, 2008 11:56 pm

Druids joining Revelation. I HAVE FIRST POST! Razz

Any Feral druids should have at least 415 Defence rating. Anything under that will be too low to tank inside Karazhan. Also, you are all going to need 13k+ hp and at least 20k+ armour. Make sure all of you know how to play you're feral class as tank and DPS...this also goes for any druid resto/balance wanting to respec. Smile

Resto druids, you need to be well geared and specced. I say at least 1k+ to heals. 900+ to heals at the very least.

I am not the CL i have just taken over this forum. Ha!

Ummm...I hope we have no balance druids. If we do, then learn to control your aggro! I know that they are hell for crit=aggro. So learn not to overpower the tanks.

Wahay....First post! Very Happy

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Re: I got First Post! Ha, Martin. :P

Post  Nebulaclaw on Sat Feb 16, 2008 1:25 pm

Ok im going to write what i think a druid in each specc should have and lets start with feral shall we ? : Ok well for karazhan 13k hp unbuffed in dire bear form and 415 defense ( the higher the better ) 21k armor ( not hard to get ) if u dont meet the requirements u should use flask / elixir / well fed so u get higher stats

Ok resto : u should have atleast 140 / mp5 ( while casting ofc ) and atleast 1100 + healing and 9000 mana

And Balance i say screw that specc its good dps but got mana issues and aggro issues so tbh it sucks ( only good dps on trash anyway )

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