70 Hunter ACCEPTED

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70 Hunter ACCEPTED

Post  Carcharot on Sat Jan 12, 2008 4:19 am


Characters Name:Carcharot
Played time:40 days
Are you the original owner of this account?:yes

Previous guilds:gnomes in pyjamas
Reasons for leaving:very immature guild with unfriendly people. not what im looking for Smile

Can you use Ventrilo?yes
Do you have a microphone?yes and im not afraid to talk

Exp before TBC:Full Zg/ MC/ BWL / aq20 and parts of aq40
TBC Exp:Kara/gruul/mag/ and ssc and tk to vashj and kael
Heroic Keys?:4/5 soon the last one tho Wink
What do you expect from this guild?:to be in a nice and friendly guild that does kara and eventualy moves on too gruul and mag.

other information you wanna give) and plz, link your armory profile 2!
Not much to say really just that i like to help people if i got the time i always brings stuff that helps me with my dps i got knowledge of my class and experience of most instances in the game. This is my second lvl 70 thou i played with it at 60 but nontheless i always bring my best mood and focus to the raids. Armory is pretty fucked up atm but i can give ingame specc.

Thats all for me hope to see you soon Wink

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