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Post  Syllk on Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:00 am


Name: Pete
Sex: Male
Country: UK

Characters Name: Syllk
Class: Rogue
Race: Undead
Played time: 84days?
Are you the original owner of this account?: Yes

Previous guilds:
AbaddoN: a guild run by Alex the current GM of Revelation, I was put in charge after Alex left, but we had some problems with certain members of the guild and most were slackers anyways (Disbanded it Jan 07)

Betrayed and Hated: was in it back in the day when the infamous Hezzy was still GM (left around Feb 07)

The Fallen: a friends guild that died a very slow and predictable death (left around March 07)

Exodus: This was my guild and the main thing that put me off at the time of being a GM for a long time. One of my reasons for the disband was a constant problem with the members of the guild slacking: having set a Karazhan raid that everyone agreed to, no-one would turn up on the day/time. It pissed me off royally. We actually were doing ok in kara and some of the members have popped up and rejoined us in the guise of Revelation. (Disbanded it April 07)

Reasons for leaving: Didnt fit in with B&H, Disbanded both AbaddoN and Exodus as the GM

Can you use Ventrilo? Yes, I have a 25man server
Do you have a microphone? Yes

Exp before TBC: Only hit 60 a few weeks before TBC came out but I`ve done MC a few times
TBC Exp: All normal instances/heroic, Karazhan
Heroic Keys?: All of them
What do you expect from this guild?: Clearing Kara and the 25man raids and finally taking down Illidan Stormrage

EDITED 02/04/08

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