Guild Rules!!!!

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Guild Rules!!!!

Post  lilithdemon on Sat Jan 19, 2008 6:22 pm

Our GM is Lilithdemon and 2nd GM is Syllk. Our current Officers are Annihilati, Birchman, Darkbash, Spokett and Nebulaclaw.

1. 5g per account will be given to the guild bank per week, the money will go towards repair for the raids, pots and of course those expensive mats for enchants etc.

2. Try to improve your gear and make yourself available for groups (e.g. Tanking, Healing) wether it be heroics, group quests or other stuff. Its fine if you wanna farm, but if your not too busy, offer some help to other members of the guild.

3. If you are a key member of the guild you will be expected to attend raids unless a good reason is provided. If you cant make a raid then inform the raidleaders, officers or higher rank via either i) ingame mail or ii) here on the forum (telling people in guild chat is fine unless there is no-one of rank there to pass the message on) as soon as you know you cant make it.

3. If you want to go to Karazhan to help out your friends then speak to an officer or higher (Only in exceptional circumstances will this be allowed as your priority has the be to the guild.)

4. If you get 3 warnings you will get a /gkick no matter who you are, warnings will appear on your public note. Examples of reasons for a warning could be..going to Kara with another guild, general disruption or excessive arguing in guild chat, [Dirge] spamming. Hopefully no-one will even get a warning but the procedure is in place should we need it and members persist.

5. Any forms of extreme abusive behaviour to guild members, leeching in BG's, scamming other players, farm botting or any other exploits/cheating will not be tolerated. You can expect to be /gkicked as soon as we hear about it.

6. If you are not happy with something in the guild, talk to an officer or higher

7. If you need anything from the guildbank / raidbank tell an officer or higher

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