Guild Bank - Enchanting materials

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Guild Bank - Enchanting materials

Post  Annihilati on Sun Jan 20, 2008 6:23 pm

Hello one and all!

I have yet still to talk to the person but I've been depositing enchanting supplies for the purpose of enchanting people's kara ready gear.
Generally, I'd like to ask people not to remove the supplies unless you confer with either lilith or me, as we don't have a large influx of the stuff:
currently, only fred, dan and myself have been "guild running" instances to gather loot.

Generally I'd like to suggest that if you find greens to give them to an enchanter to DE so we can stock up on the stuff.
While a common lament is "but what about money?", questing gives you tons of the stuff, even at 70, and there are dailies to do that can net you 150g per day.
If you need help doing the pre-reqs for the dailies, give someone a shout.

I'm not angry or anything, but please be more wary in future when grabbing stuff out the bank!


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