If you need help with Kara Attunement it is all here

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If you need help with Kara Attunement it is all here

Post  Syllk on Wed Jan 23, 2008 7:53 am

Here we go. First of all a break down of the quests
1 - Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity (outside Karazhan)
2 - Contact from Dalaran (outside Dalaran big blue bubble in Hillsbrad)
3 - Khadgar (Shattrath City)
4 - Entry Into Karazhan (Shadow Labs)
5 - The Second and Third Fragments (Steam Vaults And Arcatraz)
6 - The Master's Touch (The Black Morass)
7 - Return to Khadgar (Shattrah City)

Part 1 - Arcane Disturbances & Restless Activity
Speak to the guy inside the Lower City Inn or......
Go to Deadwind pass and travel to Karazhan, outside the instance is a quest giver, who has the two quests "Arcane Disturbances" and "Restless Activity". These are two very simple quests.

Arcane Disturbance: You will be given a gem looking item in your backpack, quite simply goto the two basement areas and look for a weel and a big pool, the pool is the most obvious one to find, as its in the underground place that looks more less like a cave, soon as you get there there is a spot of water, fairly obvious.
The well is at the other end of an undeground basement type place, that looks like a great big huge cellar.

Restless Activity: Easy quest, just kill all the ghosts inbetween Arcane distbances and you will find 10 of the required quest items, the drop rate is about 1 in every 4 mobs.

Part 2 - Contact from Dalaran
Very simple quest, quite simply travel to Dalaran, which is that big looking purple bubble you fly by on the way to Tarren mill. Just goto hillsbrad and ride North West until you see it on the map, hes on the north side of the bubble near all the elementals and the lake.

Part 3 - Khadgar
Now this part of the quest chain is very hard indeed, you have to select your backpack, go all the way up to your hearthstone and hearth to outlands. Goto Shattrah City, and at the middle you should see Neru, next to him is Khadgar, talk to him; Job done.

Part 4 - Entry Into Karazhan
This part of the quest requires you to go into Shadow Labs, which is a fairly simple instance if you have been before, its always good to do this particuliar part of a quest with a group thats already been. Quite simply clean it out to the end, and once you have killed Murmur, the last boss, to your left of him, will be a fragment on the wall, loot it! Return to Khadgar.

Prefered Group:
-Prot Warrior / Feral Druid
-Priest / Resto Shammy/Druid / Paladin

Part 5 - The Second and Third Fragments
This little beared bastard now wants you to do 2 instances, now steamvaults with the right group can be done in under 30 minuits, its a piece of piss, however, Arcatraz is a different story, make sure you go with a proper group and your on Ventrilo.

Steam Vaults - Second part: This can be soloed if your a rogue or druid, quite simply stealth through and to your left, there is a pool on the way to the first boss, go in the pool and swim the bottom and loot the key. If you cant stealth, its easy enough to get to if thats all your going for.

Prefered Group:
-Feral Druid/Warrior

Arcatraz - Now the key here isnt that far, its very hard to stealth for this, but i managed it by taking 2 rogues with me to take agro from all and then they vanish while i loot. Quite simply go in this instance (ensure you have someone with a key or equivilant Lock Picking, and go in the instance and head right soon as you get the option after the first room. The fragment is in the far corner with all the Void Walkers.

Prefered Group:
-Protection Warrior

Return to Khadgar.

To get to Part 6 you need to have completed the 'Save Thrall' quest from Old Hillsbrad (Durnholde Keep) as you cant enter Black Morass (Dark Portal) unless it is done

Part 6 - The Master's Touch
Now this instance is pretty tough, you need a good group, ventrilo highly recommended! You need to fight 18 waves without wiping, so good luck! Once successful talk to Medivh!

If you are unsuccesful, in my experience the best group for this is:

-Feral Druid
-Shaman/Priest (resto/holy required)

Part 7- Return to Khadgar
Now go speak to Khadgar in Shattrah again, and he will tell you to go BACK to Karazhan where you get your key and you are now succesfully Attuned.


(thanks to Hezzy from BAH for this long walkthrough)

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