Rogue Kara gear up (via instance drops)

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Rogue Kara gear up (via instance drops)

Post  Syllk on Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:46 pm

These are just drops from bosses inside instances, there are maybe better items to be had from reputation vendors when you get to revered/exalted but these havent been listed due to time.

There are also world drops that maybe better, again they are not listed here.

If you speak to a nice Leatherworker he may be able to make you some good gear (at a price) and you will usually have to farm the mats yourself. Again these are not listed here but be aware of the potential for better gear.

Of course there are Heroic versions of the instances that have a few better drops (depending on the instance) and the Badges can be used to buy epic raiding gear.

PVP Gladiator sets are nice but you have to remember that HIT RATING is the key for Karazhan gear. If you can get Merciless or better still Vengeful weapons (1850 arena personal rating to buy) that will help enormously.

For a totally complete list of rogue gear use

I have listed them in groups for the particular instance:

Mana Tombs
RING: Long Striders Loop (Boss 3 Maladaar)

LEGS: Skullduggers Leggings (Boss 4 Black Stalker)

CHEST: Chestguard of No Remorse (Boss 1 Hydomancer Thespia)
SHOULDERS: Wastewalker Shoulderpads (Boss 3 Warlord Kalithresh)

Auchidoun Crypts
HEAD: Darkguard Face Mask (Boss 2 Exarch Maladaar)
RING: Ring of the Exarchs (Boss 2 Exarch Maladaar)

Sethekk Halls
RANGED: Sethekk Feather Darts (Boss 1 Darkweaver Syth)
RING: Ravenclaw Ring (Boss 2 Talon King Ikiss)
SHOULDERS: Shoulderpads of Assassination (T0.3) (Boss 2 Talon King Ikiss)

Old Hillsbrad (Durnholde Keep)
BACK: Cloak of Impulsiveness (Boss 1 Lieutenant Drake)

RANGED: Telescophic Sharprifle (Boss 3 Pathaleon the Calculator)
TRINKET: Abacus of Violent Odds (Boss 3 Pathaleon the Calculator)
CHEST: Tunic of Assassination (T0.3) (Boss 3 Pathaleon the Calculator)

NECK: Jagged Bark Pendant (Boss 5 Warp Splinter)
NECK: Enchanted Thorium Torque (Boss 2 High Botanist Freywinn)
LEGS: Warpscale Leggings (Boss 5 Warp Splinter)
BACK: Netherfury Cape (Boss 5 Warp Splinter)
FEET: Boots of the Shifting Sands (Boss 4 Laj)
RING: Ring of Umbral Doom (Boss 3 Thorngrin the Tender)

HEAD: Helm of Assassination (T0.3) (Boss 4 Harbringer Skyriss)
HANDS: Gloves of the Unbound (Boss 3 Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates)

Shadow Labs
LEGS: Leggings of Assassination (T0.3) (Boss 4 Murmur)

Black Morass (Dark Portal)
HANDS: Handgrips of Assassination (T0.3) (Boss 3 Aeonus)
TRINKET: Hourglass of the Unraveller (Boss 2 Temporus)
SHOULDERS: Sun-Gilded Shoulderpads (Boss 1 Chrono-Lord Deja)
1H WEAPON: Latro`s Sword (Boss 3 Aeonus)



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